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Walking Through History
Florida Times Union /, July 2008
Reporter Amanda Warford lands an extra role in “Walking Through Fires” and takes viewers on visual trip through Jacksonville’s film history.


Local Activists Speak Out for Silent Film Studio
Adam Aasen, Florida Times Union, 10/11, 2009
A hundred years ago, Jacksonville was starting to boom as a movie-making hot spot.

Historic Silent Film Studio in Arlington
Jaeme Haviland,, 10/8/2009
Watching the Norman Studios’ transformation from a derilect dance studio to a dream factory.

Action! A Century of Movie Making in Jacksonville
Matt Soergel, Florida Times Union, 11/9/2008
How Jacksonville lost movies’ lead role.

In the Pipeline
Liz Flaisig, Florida Times Union, 1/14/2008
Renovations begin at Norman Studios.

For Old Movies, Sound of Silence
John Carter, Florida Times Union, 9/22/2007
Norman Studios Silent Film Museum screens “Son of the Shiek” at “Silent Sundays” event.

Saving a Treasure
Florida Times Union, 6/14/2007
Silent film studio known for groundbreaking all-black casts and crews sits in the heart of Arlington

Norman Studios, Historic Site Where All-Black Films Were Shot, Will be Renovated by the City
Laurel Wright, Florida Times Union, 4/25/2007
Officials reveal plans for $681,000 renovation.

Preservation Plans for Movie Studio Unveiled
John Carter, Florida Times Union, 12/3/2005
Architectural renderings of the preservation of Arlington’s Norman Studios Silent Film Museum unveiled.

Film Studio Renovation Proponents Optimistic
Charlie Patton, Florida Times Union, 11/30/2005
The cluster of five wooden buildings at 6337 Arlington Road are among Jacksonville’s most historically significant.

Film Studio Gets a Boost From State
John Carter, Florida Times Union, 6/11/2005
State approves $301,000 recommended by Florida Historical Commission to help renovate Norman Film Studios.

Historical Buildings Have a Shot at Funding
Mary Kelli Palka, Florida Times Union, 11/27/2004
Norman Studios, Federal Courthouse and old City Hall in San Marco make the short list for state funding.

Exhibit Features Arlington’s Role in Silent Movies
John Carter, Florida Times Union, 9/15/2004
Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens presents “Reel to Reel: The Fabulous Years of Silent Filmmaking.”

At the Movies: Cummer Spotlights City’s Silent Film Years
Matt Soergel, Florida Times Union, 7/30/2004
“Reel to Reel: The Fabulous Years of Silent Filmmaking” opens with reception and film.

Historic Film Studio Buildings Undergo Termite Treatment
John Carter, Florida Times Union, 3/24/2004
Turner Pest Control joins with National Trust and Premise to donate termite treatment to historic landmark.

Financial Help Arriving to Restore Old Film Studio
Jennifer Chilidress, Florida Times Union, 1/28/2004
Restoration dollars from Florida’s legislative emergency fund and the National Park Service arrive for the Norman Studios.

A Moment of Silents
Matt Soergel, Florida Times Union, 5/13/2003
The Flying Ace opens the Jacksonville Film Festival with live score by local composer John Citrone.

Old Film Studio has a Champion
John Carter, Florida Times Union, 4/2/2003
Community activist Ann Burt persuades the City of Jacksonville to purchase Arlington’s silent film studio complex.

Three Scholarships for Blacks Honor ’20s Filmmaker
Alliniece Antino, Florida Times Union, 2/28/2003
United Negro College Fund and Florida Film Commission partner to offer scholarships to black film students in Richard Norman’s honor.

Silents, Please: Film Festival Scores a Coup
Matt Soergel, Florida Times Union, 1/17/2003
Richard Norman’s “The Flying Ace” and surviving clips of “The Bull Dogger” and “The Love Bug” will screen at the Jacksonville Film Festival.

Norman Film Studios: Allocate Funds to Restore Buildings
Dr. Carolyn Williams, Florida Times Union, 7/12/2002
An editorial by NSSFM Board of Advisors Member Dr. Carolyn Williams, author and history professor for the University of North Florida.

Comeback Role in Works for an Old Movie Legend
Alliniece Andino, Florida Times Union, 5/20/2002
City mulls the $260,000 purchase of Richard Norman’s silent film studio complex.

Historic Treasure in City
Jessie-Lynne Kerr, Florida Times Union, 10/31/2001
Arlington has more historic treasures than some might expect.

Going to the Movies
Jessie-Lynne Kerr, Florida Times Union, 2/5/2000
There is renewed interest in saving what may be the oldest film studio complex in Florida.

Studio Showed Positive Images of Blacks
Charlie Patton, Florida Times Union, 2/4/1999
Richard E. Norman was one of the first filmmakers to portray black people as lovers, heroes and entrepreneurs.