Thank You, Flying Ace Fans & Reunification Supporters


Norman Studios Board of Directors are deeply grateful to our intrepid FLYING ACE fans who attended our August 25 Reunification Fundraising Campaign Kick-Off. This was the first step toward bringing the halves of the original Eagle Film City / Norman Studios property together again.

In spite of the heat, many of the 100+ attendees toured the stifling Production Building and grounds. They shared stories about Jacksonville’s movie history and taking dance lessons next door in the former Stage Building with Gloria Norman. They speculated on what role this National Historic Landmark could play in Jacksonville’s future.

Many area leaders believe the development of Norman Studios as a major attraction can be a commercial catalyst for Arlington Road, the community, Jacksonville and beyond. We hope you will lend your unique influence to this challenging goal…raising the funds to purchase the Stage Building as the headquarters for our many endeavors. Historically, it is vital to reunite the original studio properties. However, occupying this beautiful facility takes our organization to a much higher level of operations. This will also give new impetus to helping the City of Jacksonville attract funding to complete the gutted interiors of their four buildings on the other half of the studios property via Crowdfunding, direct solicitations, membership drives, and unique fundraising events. We welcome community input into making the Reunification Campaign and Norman Studios’ development successful. Stay tuned…

Help us reunite the original Norman Studios