1. Trent Sanders

    Looking for “BROTHERS EQUAL”, a 1916 film shot in Jacksonville, Florida by Thanhouser studio. Anyone?

  2. The Hollywood Heritage Museum was honored to have Barbara Wingo visit our museum. At one of the “Mostly Lost” conventions held at the Library of Congress’ Culpeper, Virginia facility, I was awed by the presentation by Ms. Wingo on the topic of the Norman Studio. You see in Hollywood, there are writer’s buildings still at the historic Ince-DeMille-Pathé-Selznick-RKO-Desilu studio, there are dressing rooms at the Vitagraph studio in East Hollywood, a screening room at the Scientology Studio, and stages at the Fox Studio, but nowhere in Hollywood is there a complete, intact silent studio. So when I learned of the Norman Studio, I realized what a treasure this site is. Not only is it a complete studio, but it is a complete studio known for its films made for the underserved African American audiences during the silent-to-sound period. It was my pleasure to meet Ms. Wingo and a far greater pleasure to have her visit our early barn-turned-to-studio. We shared some “war stories” and marveled at the similarity of our projects and our passions for them. I am so pleased that we will be presenting a Norman Studio Program, February 8th, 2023, at our museum, with Ms. Wingo’s participation, albeit digitially, at our museum. This will only further our coast-to-coast bond. Thank you, Barbara for your dedication and our thematic kinship.

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