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  1. Richard H. Knight, Jr.

    Hello, Ilene. I am a fan! Would you believe that American Bandstand brought me here? I’ve enjoyed the Bandstand uploads. I thought you might brush the hair from your face on this show, but you probably stopped doing that in ’64! We lived in Philadelphia (Abington) until 1961, but then moved to Boston. So, I never had a chance to get on the show. I used to have some contacts with Gainesville. My best high school friend lived there for years, but has moved to Atlanta. An attorney friend of mine, Dick Jones, still practices there, even though he is in his 80s. A college classmate, Steve Waters, practiced orthopedics there until he died suddenly about five years ago. I noticed you are an MRI tech. I owned an imaging center until a few years ago. I brought the first 3T Magnet to Nashville. I apologize for making this about myself. I just want you to know that the Bandstand tapes are so enjoyable, and I am glad you have had such a successful life. God bless! Best wishes, Richard H. Knight, Jr., Attorney-at-Law (retired), Nashville, Tennessee P.S. Drop me a line if you have time.

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